Add Revenue Codes

Add a Revenue Code

Follow the steps below to manually add a Revenue Code

  1. Select Customer Setup > Codes... > Revenue.

  2. Click the New Revenue Code button. 

  3. Add the code name in the Code field.

  4. Enter your default price for this code in the Price field.

  5. Write the code Description.

  6. Statement Description: Write a statement description for the revenue code that will be printed in the patient statements.
  7. Optional: Use the right-hand side panels to enter a default price for a specific Fee Schedule or Contract.

  8. Click Save.

Add a Revenue Code from Master List

Follow the steps below to add a Revenue Code from the master list.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Codes... > Revenue.

  2. Click the Add From Master List button. 

  3. Once the Master Revenue Selection window opens, enter your search criteria.

    1. If you know the code you would like to add, you can enter it in the Enter Code to Search For field.

    2. If you're unsure of the exact code, but you know what's in the description, you can enter a keyword in the Enter Keyword to Search For field

    3. Use the Category drop-down menu to select the category of the code you are looking for.

    4. Use the Order Results By drop-down menu to order your search results by description or code. 

    5. Click Search.

  1. Select the code(s) to add by checking the box on the left of each code, in the Selected column.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Click OK when "All records inserted." displays.