Find a User Session

The time that the user(s) logged in will be listed, as well as the IP Address they logged in from, the time they logged out or had their session expire. If they are still logged in, the Logged Out/Expired column will be blank. The checkboxes in the “Active” and “Expired” columns will show you at a glance which users are currently logged in or whose sessions timed out due to inactivity.

Follow the instructions below to find a user session.

  1. Select Account Administration > Sessions.

  2. Enter your search criteria.

    1. Login date: Specific date or date range to search.

    2. Username: The specific user that you are searching.

    3. User IP Address: the users IP address (if available).

    4. Customer: Select a different customer account to search for. 

      By default, only the sessions of  the customer you're currently logged into will display. 

    5. Optional: Searching for an active session? Place a check in the "Only include active sessions." box.

  1. Click Search.