Configure Payment Settings

  1. Select Payment > Settings

  2. Click the Edit button.

    1.  Click the Copy Settings link to copy the current settings to another customer associated with your account.

      1. If set to No, users will not have the ability to post payments without entering the check #.

      1. If set to Yes, an information line will be added to the payment when adding a deductible amount to the insurance payment.

      1. If set to Yes, the received date for an account credit will default to the date the original payment was received.

      1.  If set to Yes, the insurance adjustments will be automatically calculated based on the difference between the allowed amount and the change balance. 


      1.  Use the drop-down menu, to default where an account credit should be assigned if the account credit was created from an over payment.


      1.  Place a check in the box(es) to determine when payer alerts should appear to users when posting payments.

  3. Click Save.