Inactivate a Provider

In the event a Provider is no longer in use, you can inactivate the provider to prevent staff members in your office from using it; there is no way to permanently delete a provider.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Providers.

  2. Use the Show All button to view all providers. Or use the Search field to further drill down your search. 

  3. Select the Provider you want to make inactive.

  4. Place a check in the Make this provider inactive box.

  5. Click Save

  6. Inactivating a provider will only prevent new claims from being created using that provider. It will not stop existing claims with that provider from leaving the system. In order to ensure you're not charged for an inactivated provider, we recommend completing the following actions:

    1. To prevent claims for the inactivate provider from being billed out, it's recommended to place your provider on HOLD. Reference our Edit Provider Mode Help Article for more information.

    2. To ensure you're not invoiced for this provider, make sure this provider is not placed in the Rendering/Attending Provider field on a claim. This can occur if the inactivated provider is still set as a patient's default provider under Claim Defaults. Reference our Patient Claim Defaults Help Article for more information.

    3. Run the Patient Listing report and filter for the inactive provider to see all patients defaulted to use this provider. Reference our Running Reports Help Article for more information. 

Need to quickly update any patient with this provider to a new default provider? Click when the pop up appears and select the new provider.