Delete an Insurance or Patient Credit

The Manage Account screen gives you the option to delete an account credit from a patient's account. This is commonly used only if an account credit was created in error. If you need to move an account credit to another patient or refund a credit back to the patient or insurance company please reference our Transfer an Insurance or Patient Credit To Another Patient or Refund an Insurance Credit Help Articles 

Deleting an account credit will also delete any instances where the credit was applied and the payment or adjustment that created it.

  1. Select Patient > Manage Account.

  2. Use the Search field to search through your patients or insured.

    Place a check in the “Include inactive patients” box to include inactive patients in your search results.

  3. Select the Patient.

  4. Under Account Credit Listing locate the Credit.

    Sort your search results. Visit our Reorder Table Columns Help Article for detailed steps on how to hide, rearrange or add header columns.

  5. Check the Delete Account Credit box.

    Want to maximize the use of your screen space? Collapse or un-collapse the Transaction Listing or Account Credit Listing windows by clicking theicon.

  6. Click Save.