Enable Auto Pay for a Payment Plan

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Payment permission set to Allow and the Payment Plans permission set to create (for a new plan) or create & edit (for an existing plan) have the option to set up Auto Pay for a payment plan.

  1. Select Patient > Payment Plans.

  2. Search for your desired patient by typing the name, DOB, account #, member id, or phone #.

    You can Search by insured, Search inactive patients or search Show exact matches only by checking the respective checkboxes.

  1. Select the Patient.

  2. Any active payment plans will be shown.

  3. Locate the payment plan you would like to print and click the More button.

    At this time, the CollaborateMD application only supports Auto Pay for payment plans with installments that have a future payment date. Any past due installment with an outstanding amount ( including the current day) must be paid first or the installment date updated to a future date. 

  4.  Choose Set Up Auto Pay from the dropdown.

  5. Verify the autopay payment information and check the “Cardholder has consented to Auto Pay” checkbox.

  6. Click Next.

  7. If a card was previously saved, you have the option to select the card from the list, otherwise select “Use a different card” from the dropdown to add a new credit card.

  8. Click Save.