Text-based Superbill

Text-based superbills allows you to configure the Header of the superbill. The header consists of 3 columns with 6 rows each. You can determine what information is placed in each row and columns to customize your superbill header. The default CollaborateMD Superbill is used for the body of the document. Take a look at our Text-Based Superbill.pdf.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Superbills.

  2. Click the New Superbill button. 

  3. Type the Name for your superbill.

  4. Use the Type drop-down menu to select Text-Based.

  5. Click the Add Field(s) link from any of the three (3) columns to be presented with a list of information that can be added to the superbill header.

  6. Use the checkboxes to select what information you would like to include, then click Add.

  7. Change the order of the rows by clicking (highlighting) the desired row and using the  and arrow icons to move the field up or down on the list.

  8. Select a row and click the Icon to remove that row. 

  9. Place a check in the Do not print CPT and ICD information on Superbill box if you only want to print the header of the superbill.

    The body of the superbill will be blank.

  10. Place a check in the Do not include practice information in header box if you don't want the practice name, address, phone number and Tax ID# to be displayed.

  11. Click Save.