Edit an Insured or Payer Policy

Follow the steps below to edit the insured party.

  1. Select Patient > Patient.

  2. Use the Search field to search through your patients. 

    Place a check in the “Include inactive patients” box to include inactive patients in your search results.

  3. Select the Patient.

  4. Click the Insurance Info tab.

    1. Click on Insured Parties to expand the list of Insured Parties.

      1. Click the Edit link for the Insured you would like to make changes to.

      2. Optional: Modify the Insured’s information. 

    2. Click on the Payer Types to expand the list of Payers.

      1. Click the Edit link for the payer you would like to make changes to.

      2. Optional: Click on the Payer Name at the top of the Insurance box to modify the Payer's information.

  5. Click Done. Otherwise, click Cancel if no changes were made.

  6. Want to check Eligibility for the payer?

    1. Click the Eligibility link.

    2. A Check Eligibility window will open.

    3. Use the Insurance Policy drop-down menu to select which payer to check eligibility for.

    4. Use the Service Type drop-down menu to select the eligibility type.

    5. Enter the Service Date Range.

    6. Click Check Eligibility.

    7. Optional: Print a copy of the eligibility report by clicking the  button.

    8. Click Close once finished viewing the report.

      Any errors or warnings related to the last eligibility check performed will display a   icon next to the payer. You can review the error message and recommend steps to correct the issue.

  7. Click Save.

Editing the Payer Policy will result in a pop-up asking if you'd like to archive the old insurance. Place a check in the box and click Continue. Reference the Insurance History Help Article for more information.

Unable to edit the insurance fields for a patient account? It might mean the patient is linked to a family account. Any changes to the insurance information must be done within the linked account or the patient must be un-linked. To learn more about linked accounts reference the Link Family Accounts Help Article.