Release 14.12.0 - July 1, 2024

New Features and Updates



  • New Option to Print EOB information When Batch Printing Claims:  Added support for printing EOBs directly from Claim Batch Print. If any claims set to send to the secondary or tertiary insurance are selected when Print is clicked, the system will be given the option to print the EOBs.

For more information visit our Help Article.


  • New Optional Column for Next Payer:  Added a new optional column (hidden by default) within the Insurance Payment screen for "Next Payer" that will show what the next status will be based on the current payment and the payer priority (Secondary, Tertiary, Due Patient, etc.).  This column will display who the next payer is in line for ERAs and Insurance Payments. 
  • Update to Save Additional Actions on ERAs When Using the Save And Apply Later Option:  Updated the Save and Apply Later option within ERAs to now save additional actions when used. Any updates, such as changes to account credits, adjustments, debits, and info lines that previously weren't saved unless the payment was applied immediately, will now be saved, and the existing warning removed.

Customer setup

  • Update to Remittance Codes Selected From the Master List:  Updated the Remittance Codes so that previously added codes are grayed out and can't be selected from the Master List (just like we do with other codes).