Facility Data

Facility Data holds all facility information under a customer's account. All of the fields within this category correspond directly to fields that can be found under the Facility section of the application.

 Name Description
Facility IDThe unique identifier for a Facility, as seen in the "Seq#" field.
Address Line 1Associated with the first "Address" field.
Address Line 2Associated with the second "Address" field.
Blue Cross IDAssociated with the "BlueCross Id" field.
Blue Shield IDAssociated with the "BlueShield Id" field.
CLIA IDAssociated with the "CLIA id#" field.
CityAssociated with the "City" field.
EmailAssociated with the "Email" field.
Inactive?Displays "Yes" if the "Check Here To Make Facility Inactive" option is selected. Otherwise, this field will display "No".
Location Provider IDAssociated with the "Locator Provider Id" field.
Locator CodeAssociated with the "Locator Code" field.
Medicaid IDAssociated with the "Medicaid Id" field.
Medicare IDAssociated with the "Medicare Id" field.
NPIAssociated with the "NPI" field.
NameAssociated with the "Name" field.
Name w/IDDisplays the Facility Name with it's ID. eg, Main Facility (12345678)
POS CodeDisplays the chosen code int he "POS Code" selection field.
Reference IDAssociated with the "Reference Id" field.
Site IDAssociated with the "Site Id" field.
Tax IDAssociated with the "Tax Id#" field.
Taxonomy CodeDisplays the chosen taxonomy code in the "Taxonomy Specialty" selection field.
Fax NumberAssociated with the "Fax#" field.
Phone NumberAssociated with the "Phone#" field.
Zip CodeAssociated with the "Zipcode" field.