How to contact your Implementation Specialists

Your training Period Of Performance (POP), the Trainee is required to contact their Implementation Specialist (IS) or the Implementation Team until they are successfully handed over to Support (see Training Module 3).  If the Trainee or another user on the account contacts Customer Support during the training period, the Customer Success Representative (who does not have permission to the Trainee’s account), will direct the Trainee to their IS or a member of the Implementation Team, as available.  If the user calling is not the Trainee, the IS will direct them to the Trainee for assistance.  This ensure the success of the Training, aligns with our Train the Trainer philosophy and guarantees the proper communications exists between the Trainee and IS during the training POP.

Our Training and Development Department is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, excluding company holidays, internal training or other planned and communicated outages.

During training the Trainee may contact their Implementation Specialist (IS) via their direct line or work email which was provided during the introduction call.  If the Trainee is unable to reach their IS, they may call 888.348.8457, Option 3 or email to seek support from another Implementation Team member.