Process a Refund or Reversal with an Existing Check Number

Did your payer send back an EOB that contains a refund or reversal? If the EOB contains check number is the same as the original payment, learn how to edit the original check to process the refund/reversal.

Processing a refund/reversal with a new check number? Reference our Process a Refund or Reversal with a New Check Number Help Article for step by step instructions.

  1. Select Payment > View.

  2. Fill in the option for Insurance Payment.

  3. Enter the check number In the Search field.

  4. Optional: Include Additional Options in your search criteria, such as Payer, Received/Check Date, or Type (EOB, Payment) or choose from the Recently Opened list. 

  5. Click .

  6. Select the Insurance Payment that meets your criteria from the Insurance Payments window.

  7. Click the Action drop-down and select Refund/Reversal.

  8. Click on the Status drop-down and set to Claim At [Insurance].

  9. In the Paid field, enter a minus sign (-) and the refund amount.

  10. In the Adjustment field, enter a minus sight  (-) and the reversal amount.

  11. Click the Done button.

  12. Click .