As an Administrator (Admin) of CollaborateMD, you'll have access to tools and features that allow you to maintain and configure account settings and functions.

These features are screens located in the Account Administration section of the program. They include:

  • Customer Management: Allows Admins to create, close and edit user access to customer accounts.

  • User Management: Allows Admins to add, find, edit, suspend, delete, and reset user passwords.

  • Session: Allows Admins to view current or previous user sessions (including IP addresses). You can also end an active session.

  • Permission Roles: Allows Admins to create and edit user roles. Roles define user permissions for managing your account.

  • Locks: Allows Admins to see which user has a patient, provider or report locked and disable that lock, if necessary.

In addition to having access to these screens, Admins can also manage multiple customer accounts if they're associated with a Billing Service.