Specify User Department Level Access

Are you talking advantage to our scheduler section and want to control which users are able to access your departments? Setting Department level access allows you to grant edit or just view access.

Follow the steps below to set a users department access.

  1. Select Account Administration > User Management.

  2. Use the Manage User for Customer drop-down to select which customer to access.

  3. Locate the user in the list or use the Search field to further drill down your search.

  4. Select the User.

  5. Click Edit User.

  6. Locate and click on the Department Access tab from the right hand side panel.

  7. Place a check in the access level you want to assign for each department.

    1. Full: User can add, modify and save appointments within this department.

    2. Read: Users can only view and search for appointments within this department.

    3. None: Users are unable to view appointments within this department.

  8. Click Save.