Managing Leftover Unused Copays

Is the patient's copay less than what you collected? After posting the unapplied copay credit, you might have a leftover amount. Since this is an unapplied copay credit it should be used on a procedure code that matches the DOS but could be applied to other claims. 

Here are the three (3) options:

  • Refund the Unapplied copay credit, Or

  • Change the copay DOS so you can use the credit on another claim. Or

  • Apply the Unapplied copay credit to another open charge

  1. Select Patient > Manage Account.

  2. Use the Search field to search through your patients or insured.

  3. Select the Patient.

  4. Within the Account Credit Listing window, locate and expand the Credits Due Patient > Unapplied Copay Account Credits section and identify the unapplied copay credit in question.

  5. Decide between your three (3) options.

    1. Do you want to Refund the Unapplied Copay credit?

      1. Click .

      2. Enter the Refund Amount, Date  and Memo.

      3. Click Done.

    2. Do you want to change the DOS for the Unapplied Copay credit?

      1. Click on the  icon to update the DOS.

    3. Do you want to apply the Unapplied Copay credit to another open charge?

      1. If no charges are found with the same DOS as the credit, click Apply.

      2. Select the charge from the list and apply the credit amount.

      3. Click Done.

  6. Click Save.