Charges Not Billed Gadget

Best used to: Track outstanding charges that are waiting to be billed to insurance.

Designed for: Billers

Filters: N/A

Drill Down: Includes ability to drill down unbilled charges per customer, if multiple exist.

Details: Ensuring maximum collection potential means constantly being on top of charges still waiting to be billed to insurance. The Charges Not Billed gadget identifies all idle charges that have yet to be billed or (re-billed) to insurance, allowing your business’ revenue cycle to remain healthy.

Drill Through: This report includes a direct connection to Status Control.


  • Does not include charges set to the statuses of Deleted or User Print and Mail to Insurance.

  • Does not include any post-billing status, such as Charge at Insurance, Rejected at Clearinghouse.

  • Debits are included in any balances appearing in the following statuses: On Hold, Incomplete, Pending Patient, Pending Physician, and Waiting for Review. When drilling through to Claim Control from this gadget, only charges will appear, debits are not included in the results list. 

  • When drilling through to Claim Control from this gadget, keep in mind that Claim Control displays the totals charge amounts, while the gadget displays the charge balances.

  • Charge balances must be greater than zero ($0.00).