Request Ownership Change

Important: Legal documentation must be provided in order for CollaborateMD to process your request. Examples include Articles of Incorporation, a State, City, or Country Business License, or any other legal proof of business ownership that contains the business name and the business owner's name.

Follow the steps below to request to change the owner of the account.

  1. Select Account Administration > Account Management.

  2. Click the Edit Account Information link. 

  3. Click the Request Ownership Change link.

  4. Once the Request Ownership Change window is displayed, enter following required information:

    1. New Owner First Name

    2. New Owner Last Name

    3. New Owner Phone Number

    4. New Owner Email Address

  5. Click the Next button.

  6. Check the box confirming you understand and agree to send the required Legal Documentation

  7. Click the Next button.

  8. Check the box confirming you have fully read and acknowledged the Customer Software Agreement and Business Associate Agreement.

  9. Click the Submit button.

  10. Send your document(s) to the Accounting Department via fax at (888) 881-1812 or email them to