Add a new Appointment Status

You can create and use your own custom appointment statuses. 

  1. Select Appointments > Configuration… > Appointments Statuses

  2. Click the New Status button.

  3. Add the Name for the new status.

  4. Select the Icon and Color you would like to associate with this status

  5. If applicable, select one of the following:

    You only need to select one option below. It is not recommended to select both.  Appointment Statuses flagged as Inactive or Deleted will not show up as appointment status options to print superbills in the Superbill Batch Print section.

    1. Appointments with this status are inactive and will not interfere with other bookings:  Select this option if you would like this status to allow you to book over this appointment and still include this status in appointment scheduler and report searches (ie. Rescheduled or Cancelled Status.)

    2. Appointments with this status are deleted and will not show on reports: Appointment statuses that have this option selected will still appear on the appointment scheduler and report searches (such as the Appointment tab in the Patient section) but will not prevent users from booking other appointments in this time slot. These could be statuses such as Rescheduled or Cancelled which will result in your office actually being available during that time (hence it does not interfere) but that you still might want to show on a patient's history report.

  6. Click Save