Format report data

Formatting options are available for Date and Money fields. Follow the steps below to change how the value is displayed on the report.

  1. Select Reports > Builder.

  2. Use the Show All button to view all custom reports. Or use the Search field to further drill down your search. 

  3. Select the Report from the list. 

  4. Right click on the field after it has been dragged onto the Columns pane and select the desired option from the Format menu list.

    1. Date Field Formats: Display date and time serial numbers according to the type that you specify. Date fields that display time stamp information (hours, minutes, and seconds) along with the date information only display the first four formatting options for the date. The timestamp portion of the field will always show as "HH:MI:SS".

    2. Money Field Formats: Display monetary values and the default currency symbol with numbers. You can specify the number of decimal places that you want to use, whether you want to use a thousand separator, and how you want to display negative numbers.

    3. Protected Health Information (PHI) Field Formats: Social Security Numbers, by default, are masked preventing the first six digits from being viewed. All CollaborateMD standard reports protect Patient Health Information (PHI), however, you can choose to unmask the Social Security Number (SSN) if needed.

      1. Right-click on the field after it has been dragged onto the Columns pane and unselect the "Mask SSN" from the menu list to unmask the first six (6) digits from the SSN. 

        Important: In order to remain HIPAA compliant we strongly recommend keeping the SSN masked. Only users with the Patient Health Information permission can obtain the full value by accessing the patient's account.