Email/Text Receipts From the Payment Portal (Patients)

The Patient Payment Portal allows patients to email or text their receipts associated with previously posted payments directly from the portal's Payment History. 

  1. Patients can visit

  2. Log in with your CollaborateMD Patient Account Number or email.

    If you have not registered, begin the registration process using the Patient Account Number found in the top right corner of your statement or provided in the Payment portal invite email.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Enter your Password and click Sign In.

  5. Click Payment History.

  6. Select Send Receipt for the payment to be printed.

  7. Click Email Receipt (or the SMS Text Receipt option if sending via text). 

    Please note that the patient must first opt-in to receive receipts. Patients can update this from the Payment Portal by navigating to Preferences > Change Communication Settings.