Print a Patient Intake Form

Since some forms don't apply all the form data into CollaborateMD, you can Print Patient Intake Forms that have been completed by patients directly from the forms tab within a patient's account in CMD (or the Patient tab from an appointment) in order to have a pdf file to apply any additional information into the patient section. 

  1. Select Patient > Patient.

  2. Use the Search field to search through your patients.

    Place a check in the “Include inactive patients ” box to include inactive patients in your search results.

  3. Select the Patient.

  4. Locate and click on Documents/Forms from the right-hand side panel. 

  5. Click Forms.

  6. Unapplied forms are shown with a red circle next to them and applied forms with a green checkmark.  

  7. Right-click the form you want to print and select Print to open the print dialog box and print the form.