Request a Payment Extension

Important: Completing this request does not guarantee an extension on the account. Please be aware that payment is due by 4:00 PM (EST) on the extension date to avoid account suspension. The extension date cannot fall on a weekend or holiday. Payment cannot extend beyond 15 days past the original due date. 

Upon Manager discretion, a first time extension request will have the fee waived.

Follow the steps below to request a payment extension.

  1. Select Account Administration > Account Management.

  2. Click the Request a Payment Extension link.

  3. When the Request Payment Extension window is displayed, read the statements and check the box confirming you understand and agree with the statements.

  4. In the Extension Date field, enter the date you are requesting to extend your payment till.

  5. Click the Submit button.

  6. An Accounting Representative will reach out via email regarding any action needed for the extension request or an approval/denial response.