Patient Statements Gadget

Best used to: Track trends and consistency in the amount and number of patient statements sent over a period of time.

Designed for: Administrators

Filters: Last 7 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 12 Months

Drill Down: Includes ability to drill down by a specific date when reviewing result within the Last 90 Days and the Last 12 Months.

Details: When it comes to collecting on patient balances, steady and persistent statement billing is key. The Patient Statements gadget allows easy tracking of statements billed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, resulting in quick analysis of statement trends and effective planning for where your statement volume will be in the near future.

Drill Through: This report includes a direct link to the Statements Printed in a Date Range report.


  • This report includes Automated, Plain Text User Print, and Enhanced User Print statements.

  • Results will not necessary match information displayed in Statement Tracking, as Plain Text User Print statements are not reflected in Statement Tracking results.