Apply a Discount while Posting a Payment

Claim Payment actions include options like applying discounts, memo lines, and credit or debit adjustments when posting payments.

Who can use this feature? 

  • Users with the Insurance Payment permission.

  • Users with the Debit/Credit permission.

Apply Discount is used to process discount such as a percentage discount, a discount applied to a specific service, etc. For more information on debit codes see the Adjustment Codes Help Page.

Follow the steps below to apply a discount while posting a Patient or an Insurance Payment.

  1. Select Payment > Post.
  2. Enter the payment information for the Patient or Insurance Payment.
    1. Posting a Patient Payment? Select one of the two options:

      1. Apply Manually, or

      2. Apply Automatically and place a check in the Show Preview box.

    2. Posting an Insurance Payment? Select Apply as EOB.

  3. Click the Apply Discount button at the bottom of the screen.

  4.  Click the  icon to select the discount code.

  5. Enter the Discount % and Min. Charge Amount or Check the Discount charge balance to $0.00 to discount the whole balance.

  6. Enter the Received date.

  7. Type a Memo and/or a Credit Memo.

  8. Click Done, then click Done again to save the payment.