Release 13.12.0 - July 24, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • New Dashboard Gadget: Gross Collection Rate:  A new dashboard gadget is now available in the Dashboard section, Gross Collection Rate.
    Your gross collection rate indicates how well your fees are matched to your allowed amounts. A very low gross collection rate may indicate that your fee schedule amounts are higher than necessary, leading to large adjustments. A very high gross collection rate may indicate that your fee schedule amounts are too low, potentially leading to reduced reimbursements.

Please Note: To ensure that all users have access to this valuable information, and to allow all users to view data for all time, the data for Gross Collection Rate is updated once per day. Changes made during the day will not reflect on this gadget until the next day.


  • Provider Adjustments on ERA:  Provider adjustments -- such as Interest, recoupments, and transaction fees -- are available on ERA payments applied from now on. Previously these amounts would show as Unapplied Amounts on ERAs and insurance checks. Now these amounts will show under a separate total and will be reportable as separate positive or negative deposits on, for example, the Daily Deposit report.

Additionally, certain types of provider adjustments, like Interest amounts, will automatically create a Claim Note indicating the amount of interest associated with that claim. Users can also manually link provider-level adjustments to claims to have the system create these notes.


  • Procedure Frequency: By Unit Count:  Our Procedure Frequency dashboard gadget has been updated with a new display mode: By Unit Count. With this selection, you can now see procedure frequency by the total number of times the procedure was performed, even if the procedure was performed for multiple units.