Training Module 1 | Introduction

This module introduces the Trainee to the dedicated Implementation Specialist (IS) responsible for their CMD training. The training includes a personable “getting to know each other” one (1) hour call to introduce our CMD Family and properly establish the partnership needed to ensure our combined success throughout training. The IS will partner with the Trainee on setting the proper training expectations (from both perspectives) based on the newly founded partnership. Next, the IS will discuss the Trainee’s business/office workflow in order to properly align the training to the Trainee’s specific business needs. Last, the IS will provide a high-level overview of Module 2 CMD Application Training, Module 3 Pre-Support and then discuss the Tools/Resources available to the Trainee and their team. 

Entrance Criteria

  • The Business Owner, or authorized delegate, has completed the Best Practice Call with a member of our Sales & Solution Team.

  • The Business Owner, or authorized delegate, has successfully completed the New Account Setup process to create their account.

  • Main Point of Contact (MPoC) - also referred to as the Trainee - has been identified and contact information defined within the CMD application.

  • Trainee has completed their Account Setup (as a goal).

Exit Criteria

  • IS and Trainee have discussed and understand each others expectations during the training period of performance.

  • Trainee understands the Train-The-Trainer (T3) philosophy and agrees to implement it with help from their IS (or delegate).

  • Trainee understands the Department Agreements.

  • Trainee is in agreement with the expectations set within the training overview.

  • IS understands Trainee's business workflow.

  • Customer understands our Customer Relationship eXperience Management (CRXM) philosophy.

  • Trainee has or will perform the Account Setup before attending Module 2 | Phase 1 training.

  • IS has provided an overview of Module 2 | CMD Application.

  • IS has provided an overview of Module 3 | Pre-Support.

  • Trainee understands and can effectively leverage their Implementation Tools and Resources.

  • Module 2 | Phase 1 training has been planned and scheduled.

Training Agenda

Trainee Actions 

Before the next call, please complete the following

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