Release 14.2.0 - February 12, 2024

New Features and Updates


Report Builder

  • New Warning For Aggregated Columns With Too Many Report Connections:  Added a new warning to the report builder that alerts the user when an aggregated column—or a column set to display totals—may not show the expected values due to the report field having too many relationships (connections).


  • Update to The Charge-Specific Rendering Provider Option on Claims:  We have updated the Charge-Specific Rendering Provider option on claims (Claim > Charges > Other Info) to reduce confusion when selecting a different provider for each charge. With this update, users will be prompted to indicate if the service was rendered by a different provider than the one associated with the rest of the claim. If "No" is selected (the default option), no provider will be shown. If "Yes" is selected, the Rendering Provider dropdown will become available. Visit our Help Article for more information on updating the rendering provider on a charge.

Claim Follow Up

  • New Option Within Claim Follow-Up to Update Claim Status:  A new option has been added to the Claim Follow Up Management that allows for manual changes or updates to the claim status. This update introduces a dropdown option that functions similarly to the "Set all charges to" feature in the claim section.


  • New Option to Allow to Apply Interest Adjustments Amounts to Claim Balance:  A new payment setting has been added for users to "Automatically post interest amounts as payments," which will reduce the claim balance owed by subsequent payers and the patient. This enhancement allows users to apply interest adjustment amounts to the claim balance. It also includes a new column "Apply to Claim Balance" that will be displayed when linking a claim to a provider-level adjustment, enabling users to apply the provider adjustment to the claim balance (Interest amounts must be equal to or less than the balance itself). Visit our Help Article for more information on turning on this setting.