Update a User Permission

Once a new Permission role is created, it can easily be assigned to user accounts.

  1. Select Account Administration > User Management.

  2. Use the Manage User for Customer drop-down to select which customer to access.

  3. Locate the user in the list or use the Search field to further drill down your search.

  4. Select the User.

  5. Click Edit User.

  6. Locate and click on the Permissions tab from the right-hand side panel.

    1. User the Category drop-down menu to navigate between the sections of the application.

    2. Place a check in the Show Permission Descriptions box to see

    3. User the Permission Level drop-down menu to set the permission level for each permission.

    4. Click the  icon to see the change history for that specific permission level.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Save when the confirmation pop-up displays.