Phase 4 Introduction

During Phase 4 we will be reviewing the Post Payment section of the application to provide an understanding with the functionality to manage financials and improve cash flow with multiple payment methods. You can adjust charges while posting payments, post reversals and new payments all on the same check, transfer account credits, add multiple payments for one claim and post multiple payments at once.  In addition, we will then shift our attention to patient collections where we will set up patient statements, review statement tracker, adding of multiple Collections agency is needed and manage patient AR at a high-level where this will all be covered in two training sessions. 

In Phase 4.1 we will review if applicable the In-app Payment Processing feature with accessing the portal from the application.  We will review how to use the credit card processing feature within the application, sending Portal invites and accessing the In-app FAQs.

We will then review the Payment Settings and insure understanding of all defaults including the Unapplied Copay preferences.  We will review the remittance codes, actions, adjustment codes and how to use them for the purpose of applying an ERA and completing patient account type adjustments.  During this phase posting of patient payments should be in full swing.  We will do an overview of insurance payments and the different drop-down actions that accompany this feature.  

In the next portion of the training we’ll  move on and review the Manage Account in the Patient section where the following will be covered deleting/undeleting transactions, debit/credit account adjustments and refund/reversals at the patient level. In addition, the Payment Plan feature in the Patient section will be reviewed where the convenience of creating installment amounts/plans and posting payment plan payments will also be reviewed. 

An overview of the ERA section will be covered on how to search, apply ERA checks, view EOBs and how to troubleshoot ERA erros

Lastly, we’ll review the Payment tracker where all payments posted can be searched and reviewed including print receipt option

In Phase 4.2 we review everything on patient collections which will include setting up of Patient statements, types of statements, configuration, how to print statements from the Patient account and via Batch Printing.  We will go over the Patient Info Sheet & Ledger compared to the Activity.  How to assign for FDN and Collections under the A/R Control feature.  In addition, adding Collection Agency and the collection agency charge status (If Applicable). Lastly, we will go over the Statement report, Patient Statement Comments report, Patient Statement Turned Off report, Patient w/Statements Printed X Times report, Statement Printed in a Date Range and Audit report to audit type - Statement Automation to track changes in the application.