Claim Denials Gadget

Best used to: Stay on top of recent denials from your payers and track your denial rate.

Designed for: Billers

Filters: Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 6 Months, Last 12 Months; By Code, By Payer.

Drill Down: Includes ability to drill down rejections on a specific date and per customer, if multiple exist.

Details: The Claim Denials gadget shows you the denials that are having the biggest impacts on your performance and, therefore, are the first to target to improve your cash flow and revenue cycle management. This gadget also calculates your denial rate, the percentage of your billed claim amounts that are being denied. On average, denial rates between 5% and 10% are typical, with rates below 5% indicating exceptional revenue cycle management.

Drill Through: This report includes a direct connection to the Denials report for the date range shown in the gadget and the denial code/payer that was selected (depending on which view option is used).