In-app Payment Processing Setup Guide

Thank you for choosing CollaborateMD and Global Payments Integrated (GPI) as your complete In-app Payment Processing (IPP) solution! This Getting Started Guide should be referenced to enable, configure and process payments for the two optional services below: 

Payment Portal

The Payment Portal is a secure website your patients can access to make online payments to charges in real time, view visit and payment history, as well as print receipts and statements. The Portal utilizes the highest form of security to protect your patient's information. By providing patients a secure online Portal, offices are reducing patient calls, increasing billing accuracy, and accelerating patient payments. 

In-App Credit Card Processing 

Credit card processing can be used within the Payment, Claim and Scheduler sections to optimize payment collections without disturbing your normal workflow.  Easily swipe or take payments over the phone with just a few clicks! By processing your patient’s credit card payments within CollaborateMD you can easily reduce follow up on co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance balances, which translates into improved A/R.

Enable Feature(s)

To begin, an Authorized Representative (Auth Rep) will need to enable one or both of the desired features within the Services section of the application. 

Click here for steps on how to enable In-app Credit Card Processing, or For steps to enable the Payment Portal, click here!

Once enabled, you’ll receive an email from CMD that contains the contact information for your assigned GPI Representative (Rep). Your GPI Rep will reach out to you within 24-48 business hours to set up your Merchant account. 

Here’s an example of the email: 

Account Creation

After providing your information to GPI, they will approve and create your Merchant account and send Credentials to CollaborateMD. You’ll receive a Welcome email that includes what to expect next and other important information. They will also send a welcome package to your DBA location which includes a credit card reader if you’re utilizing In-app credit card processing.

Once your Merchant Credentials are received by CollaborateMD, they will be added to CMD and you’ll receive an activation confirmation email that the system is ready to use. 

Utilizing Feature(s)

If you’re using in-application credit card processing, you’ll need to plug the card reader (received from GPI) into your computer’s USB port to start posting and processing payments directly within CollaborateMD. 

Reference our Processing a Credit Card Payment & Printing Receipts help article to learn how to post payments with your credit card reader.

If you’re using the Patient Payment Portal, you will need to Configure/Manage your Payment Portal, and Send Invites out to your patients before they can make payments from anywhere at anytime!

Watch our Set up In-app Payment Processing video to configure the Portal settings, invite patients and understand how the patient will register for the Portal. Hint: Begin the video at 1:25 

Additional Resources

Now that your account is set up, utilize our library of FAQ’s and Help Articles to ensure your success using In-App Payment Processing.