Scheduled Appointments Gadget

Best used to: See a weekly overview of upcoming appointments, broken down by status.

Designed for: Front Office

Filters: This & Next Week, Next 30 Days, This Month

Drill Down: Regardless of the filter selection, users can always drill down into a specific week to see the day by day breakdown of the scheduled appointments.

Details: Is your office scheduling more follow-ups than initial encounters? Have you hit your maximum capacity of appointments over the next couple of weeks? These questions are answered by utilizing the Scheduled Appointments gadget, which shows you a breakdown of appointments over the next few weeks by status, allowing your office to plan its schedule effectively and strategically.

Drill Through: This report includes a direct connection to the Scheduler section.


  • Does not include inactive appointment statuses.

  • Does not include the appointment status of Deleted.

  • This report does not include the option to hover over the date to see specifically how many appointments have been scheduled or confirmed.