Important News/Updates

Important Information on Claims Affected by the Change Healthcare Cyber Issue

In response to the recent cyber issue at Change Healthcare, ePS has implemented a proactive measure by rejecting all claims submitted to Change Healthcare dating back to February 21, 2024. These Rejections will feature a clear and concise message "EPSOUT Electronic submission not available for payers at this time.

This rejection process offers our customers two significant advantages:

  1. Efficient Identification and Tracking: ePS customers can swiftly identify and track claims directly affected by the Change Healthcare issue. This streamlined approach ensures quick awareness and management of impacted claims.
  2. Resubmission Opportunities: As ePS continues to redirect affected payers, customers gain the ability to resubmit claims for processing through these new connections. To keep our customers informed, ePS will publish a daily list of rerouted payers, along with effective dates, facilitating the resubmission process.  

Important Note:  Customers should be aware that attempting to resubmit claims to payers not yet rerouted will result in continued rejection, accompanied by the familiar message: "EPSOUT Electronic submission not available for payers at this time."

Please note that we are currently only changing the routes for claim transmissions. As we progress through these updates, we will begin investigating the best solutions for our ERA connections and the required enrollments. Throughout this challenging situation, ePS remains in constant communication with Change Healthcare and will promptly notify customers once regular submissions can resume. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this ongoing issue. 

Please look at our new ePS Affected/Reconnected Payer Routes lists below which will offer our customers greater transparency regarding payer connection types, whether claims enrollment is required, and the status of each payer (such as Active, Pending, or No longer Available). Additionally, we will include payer notes to provide further clarity, when available, as to why a payer is pending.  Note: We will post regular updates to the lists as they become available.

List of Current Change Healthcare Affected Payers With Updated ePS Payer Routes (Updated 7/9/24)