Actions in the Scheduler

It is important that your Resources, Types, Departments, Statuses (optional) and Settings (optional) are configured under the Appointment Configuration screen before creating appointments. 

The scheduler display will default to the Day View. 


  1. Mini Calendar: This displays the current month in the top left corner of the screen; you can view past or future months.  When you're in the day view, the current date has a small red circle around it. The day selected within the mini calendar will display the associated appointments within the main calendar view.

  2. Schedule Appointment button: Click this button to create a new appointment.

  3. Add to Waiting List button: Click this button to add an appointment to your waiting list. 

  4. Print button: Click this button to print your daily or weekly schedule.

  5. Department: Use this to filter through your scheduler departments. 

  6. Day View: Use to view appointments for a single day separated by resource.

  7. Week View: Use to view appointments for the week.

    Appointment Resources are not visible within the weekly view. To view appointment resources within the weekly view, right-click on the appointment and select Edit Appointment or double click on the appointment.

  8. Filter: Allows you to narrow down the view of the appointments and blocks by selecting the filters you want to see, and deselecting the filters you don't want to see.

  9. Main Calendar View: This is where all of the appointments will be displayed by Resource.

  10. Advanced Search: Use this to search for an appointment by the patient or comments.