Manage Tasks for Follow-up Claims

Follow the steps below to change the follow up date.

  1. Select Claim > Follow Up Management.

  2. Enter your Search Criteria or Load a Search Filter.

  3. Click on a line item to open up a specific claim.

  4. Click the Create Task button.

    Visit our Tasks Help Artifices  for detailed steps on how to add and manage tasks.

    1. Enter your task Title.

    2. Set the Due Date, Status and Priority.

    3. Enter the description for this task.

    4. Add any links to this task.

    5. Select which user to assign this task to

    6. Click Save 

  5. Click Save. Otherwise, click the Close button.

    Reduce the amount of clicks when saving by using the Save button’s drop-down arrow  to update this claim and move onto another record or return back to your search results.