Check Claim Status

Claim Status provides the capability for users to submit status requests and receive responses in real-time regarding their claims. The claim status response provides information about your claim within the payer’s adjudication process, including how much is being paid on the claim once approved. Users can retrieve this information within the CollaborateMD application without having to contact the payer. There are no additional fees for this service. 

Claim status can be verified for any claim that meets the following criteria:

  1. The payer supports electronic Real-Time Claim Status (RTCS).

  2. The claim was submitted electronically to the payer.

  3. The claim status must be set to “Claim At Insurance.”

Depending on the payer, an agreement may need to be filled out prior to checking claim status. Please refer to our Payer Agreements Help Article for more information. 

Follow the steps below to verify the status of the Claim.  

  1. Select Claim > Follow Up Management.

  2. Enter your Search Criteria or Load a Search Filter.

  3. Place a check in the box next to the claims you wish to check the status for.

  4. Select the Check Claim Status button. 

  5. One of the following actions can occur:

    1. If the payer participates in providing Claim Status, claim status results will be returned. Review the response from the payer and choose to View Printable Version. Or Close your results once satisfied. 

    2. You will be notified that the payer does not currently support this feature. 

    3. You will be notified that the claim status cannot be checked if the claim(s) is not currently in the status of "At Insurance."

  6. Click Close.