Running Reports

We make reporting easy! Track, monitor and print these reports that are designed just for Integrated Payment Processing. All Auth Rep(s) / Admin(s) have full access to these reports. 

  1. Merchant Payments – This report gives a detailed listing of all payments that have been processed by Integrated Payment Processing. This report includes payments that were processed within CollaborateMD and/or Payment Portal. 

  2. Payment Portal Logins – This report gives users an overview of which patients are logging into the Patient Payment Portal and how much time they are spending in each session. 

  3. Payment Portal Registrations – This report allows users to manage their Patient Payment Portal registrations and easily identify patients that have registered and also ones that have yet to register. 

Comparing the Merchant Payments report in CollaborateMD to your Daily Close Report or the Credit Card Transaction Detail Report within Transaction Express is highly recommended and should be part of your office procedures. 

  • On the Daily close Report, view the column titled “Net Amount” for you totals.

  • On the Credit Card Transaction Detail Report, view the column titled “Approved Auth Amount Total” for your totals.

To match the CollaborateMD Patient Account to the Merchant report, find the Customer Reference ID field. The “PP” indicator before the 8-digit Patient Account will indicate the payment was made through the Payment Portal.