Interface Tracker

Interface Tracker allows you to track and monitor all interface messages received through an interface for a patient, claim, and/or appointment. This screen can retrieve information about why a message failed, steps to take in order to correct the issue (and prevent from recurring) and reprocess any messages. 

Who can use this feature?

Authorized Representatives and Admins.

Users with Interface Tracker permissions.


Interface Import allows users with an EMR/EHR that has not built an interface to us, to import claims into our system in the HL7 format manually. This means that customers who do not use our WebAPI to automatically import claims and patients from their EMR/EHR into CollaborateMD can now import them using our Interface Import section. It also allows users to import claims from an 837 ANSI file format into CollaborateMD.

Who can use this feature?

Authorized Representatives and Admins can Activate the feature.

Users with  Import permission set to Allow can import files.

To use Interface Import, it must be activated first within Interface Settings.