New Payer Agreement

Filling out agreements within CollaborateMD allows you to submit agreements for multiple payers and/or electronic products  (e.g., claims, remittance, and eligibility) at once.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Payer Agreements.
  2. Select what type of provider should be used for this agreement:

    1. Individual: Select this option if billing under a provider NPI.

    2. Group: Select this option if billing under the Practice NPI. 

  3. Click the  icon to pull up the list of all providers or Practices in your account to select the Provider/Practice you want to fill out an agreement for.

  4. Click the New Agreement button.

  5. Enter your Search Criteria.

    1. Use the Products drop-down menu to select which type of payer products you want to fill an agreement out for (Claims, Remittance, Eligibility). 

    2. Use the Claim Type drop-down menu to select which type of claim the agreement is for. (Professional or Institutional) 

    3. Use the Payer Type drop-down menu to filter the agreements based on the payer type.

    4. Enter the State to filter the agreements based on the State the payer is based out of. 

    5. Enter the Payer CPID to filter the agreements based on the payer’s CPID.

    6. Use the Status drop-down menu to filter agreements based on their status (e.g., Active, Under Construction, Unavailable). 

    7.  Check the Do not include already completed products box to filter agreements based on if you have already completed them.   

    8. Check the Only include payers in my customer payer list box to filter agreements based on if you have the payer’s CPID in your Payer section. Visit our Payers Help Article for more information.

  6. Click Search.

  7. Use the Search for Agreements search bar to further drill down your results. 

  8. Place a check in the box(es) for the agreement(s) you would like to fill out.

    You are able to select as many agreements as you would like to fill out at once.

  9. Click the Continue button. 

  10. Select which NPI (Provider, Practice, or Custom) should be used for this agreement.

  11. Click Continue.

  12. The right-hand side panel will contain any special instructions related to the selected agreements.

    1. Click the Remove link to split or remove that agreement for the the group of agreements you are completing.

  13. Fill out the Agreement.

  14. Click either of the four buttons at the top of the screen to:

    1. Continue: Takes you to the next step in completing the agreement.

    2. Go Back: Takes you back a step in completing the agreement. 

    3. Save and Finish Later: Saves your process and allows you to finish the agreement later. Take a look at our Look Up Payer Agreement Help Article.

    4. Cancel: Cancel deletes the agreement you are filling out. 

  15. Click the Review Form button to verify the entered information is correct.

  16. Click Finish.

Reference your Payer Agreement Cover Page for estimated approval turnaround time. The special instructions need to be completed along with the agreement to ensure the agreement is approved by the payer.