Unapplied Copay Credits

We know that collecting patient copays is an integral part of your revenue cycle. We are here to help you streamline and organize the patient payments your office collects, so that the correct amount is always posted to the related claim. This is where Unapplied Copay Credits come in handy. 

When posting co-payments you can now set the Date of Service (DOS) the payment is for. This association ensures the payment will be posted towards the right claim. You have the ability to automate this process, if the system detects a claim has an unapplied copay with the same DOS, we will apply the copay credit for you. With Unapplied Copay, take the guesswork out of applying credits between your claims.

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Patient Payments Permission can create Unapplied Copay Credits

Users with the Insurance Payment, Debit/Credit and Patient Account Management permissions are able to apply and manage Unapplied Copay Credits