Reports give you access to your CollaborateMD data. There are over 125+ standard reports and you can examine your CMD data in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to understand formats, and share the resulting insights with others. 

Before running your first report, familiarize yourself with our Report Reference Guide to understand all of the reports CollaborateMD offers.

Who can use this feature?

  • Any User with the Allowed Reports Only permission will have access to reports shared with them. Setting the permission to Standard Reports and Allowed Reports will grant them access to all available reports.   


The wealth of information CollaborateMD (CMD) puts at your fingertips - ranging from real-time snapshots of your business to yearly summaries - is one of the reasons our customers are so successful. The Report Builder is a powerful tool that gives your organization the flexibility it needs to customize reports  through a drag and drop interface. Specify the metrics that you are tracking, and organize the data across locations, departments, providers, time frames, etc. You can examine your data in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to-understand formats, and share the insights with others. By always knowing where you stand, you can spot trends early and make the best decisions for your business.

There are two ways to create a report, From Scratch or From Template. Below you will find steps on how to create a report each way.  This Help Article will also include steps and tips on how to use the report builder. 

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Report Builder permission set to build and edit reports.


Report Settings allow you to personalize and make the reports screen work for you and your workflow.

Who can use this feature?

Users with access permission to CollaborateMD reports.