Access and make payments using the Payment Portal (Patients)

Boost your patient payments by allowing patients to make payments on your online portal. Once a patient is invited to the Payment Portal, they will receive a welcome email with their login information.   

  1. Visit

  2. Log in with your CollaborateMD Patient Account Number or email.

    If you have not registered, begin the registration process using the Patient Account Number provided in the Payment portal invite email.

  3. Click Next.
    1. Select to either login to see your balance and history or make a quick payment.:

      1. Quick Payment

        Patients can make payments online without needing to create an account or log in. Patients will only see an outstanding balance. To see a full balance breakdown, along with visit and payment history, please sign in.

        1. Enter your Last Name and Date of Birth.

        2. Click Quick Pay.

        3. Select the Total Balance or enter in any Other Amount.

        4. Enter your card information.

        5. Click Pay Now.

      2. Sign In

        Signing in gives you access to your full visit and payment history. Patients can also control their preferences such as saved card information, Communication Settings and Login In/Security Settings

        1. Login with your password

          1. Click Pay Now

          2. Select the Total Balance or enter in any Other Amount.

          3. Enter your card information.

          4. Click .
      3. Visit History

        1. Patients can view their visit history electronically and print online statements for each visit.
      4. Payment History

        1. Patients can view their payment history and print a receipt of their payments for their records.