Intelligent Intake (Patient Intake Forms)

The Inteligen Intake (Patient Intake Forms) feature removes users' manual input of completed fields into their software when handling the initial patient data entry via paper or manual electronic forms. Updox, a part of EverHealth, has built a Forms product that allows us to create forms. The CMD app will then send them to patients automatically (as part of their appointment reminders) or manually, and receive the form data back as discrete fields that we can enter into the Patient section. This workflow will reduce the chances of errors and increase automation in the patient check-in process.

This new feature enables patients to complete forms online using their phone, tablet, or computer and submit them. Within CollaborateMD, users will then receive the form data, associate it with patient records, and decide which data provided by the patient should replace or populate fields within the actual record making it a more efficient method of collecting information from the patient.

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Forms permission set to View Forms are able to view the answers submitted on any form. When set to View & Apply Forms, they are also able to view and apply forms to the patient record.

Users with the Send Forms permission set to Allow are able to send intake forms to patients.

Important Note: You must use the CMD Scheduler to use Patient Intake Forms.  For more information on setting up your scheduler, please visit our Appointment Configuration Help Article.  For information on enabling the Intake Forms feature please visit our Manage Intake Forms Help Article. 

It is highly recommended that you have the Appointment Reminder feature enabled and configured to use Patient Intake Forms. For more information on setting up your appointment reminders, please visit our Manage Appointment Reminders Help Article.