Idea Exchange allows you to help shape the future of CollaborateMD by submitting creative and innovative ideas on products, solutions, and support. Through an ongoing partnership, we can create and innovate together to provide the appropriate products, solutions, and support that deliver the right value to your business. After an idea is submitted, we as a community, will vote and collaborate on that idea. The ideas that receive the most votes each month will be reviewed by our Idea Committee. These ideas will be assessed and implemented based on affordability and scheduled for a future release within our application. If your idea is chosen for implementation you will receive an email notifying you that your idea has been moved from Active to In Progress. 

Terms: We reserve the right to ban or remove any users and any inappropriate content will be removed by our moderators. 

How to register

  1. Visit the Ideascale website and login using your credentials

  2. On the main page, select the Submit New Idea button.

  3. Add the Title of your idea and try to be descriptive to help other users understand your idea. 

  4. In the Description area write as much information as you feel is needed to explain your idea. You can add attachments to help explain your idea as well. Please remember not to include PHI.

  5. Enter Tags (keywords) that will allow searches for this idea to be more effective (optional). 

  6. Once you're done, click the Submit button.

Viewing and voting for ideas

  1. From the Ideascale website , select Ideas from the top toolbar.

  2. Scroll through Recent, Popular, and Hot idea categories or select My Ideas to view ideas submitted by you.

  3. Click the up or down arrow to vote on any idea (up means you agree, down means you don't). 

You can build your reputation by earning points. You receive 5 points for each idea submitted and 1 point for each comment.