View or edit a Patient Payment

View how a patient payment was applied to any charges of payment plans. Make any changes to the payment, like the amount, date, or the charge the payment was applied towards.  

  1. Select Payment > View.

  2. Fill in the option for Patient Payment.

  3. Use the Patient field to locate the patient by entering the search criteria (e.g., Name, DOB, account #, member ID, or phone #) and click the Search button.

  4. In the alternate Search field, enter the search criteria (e.g., check/ref. #, payment amount, etc.).

  5. Optional: Include Additional Options in your search criteria, such as, Received Date, or Payment Type (Copay, Payment). 

  6. Click the Search button. 

  7. A Patient Payment window will open with a quick view of any payments made by the selected patient. 

  8. Select the Patient Payment that meets your criteria.

  9. A Payment from [Patient] tab will display the payment information.

    1. Clicking on the Patient's Name link will open up the patient’s record.

    2. Editing the Apply Payment field will change the payment amount. 

    3. Clicking on the Show Charges link will display the changes this payment was posted to.