v10 FAQs

Can we use v9.6 and v10 at the same time?

Yes, you can use v9.6 and v10 at the same time. However,we highly encourage you to make the switch to v10 so you can take advantage of the time-saving features.

Will all of my data transfer over to v10 or will I have to set it up?

Yes, all of your CMD data and information will transfer over to v10. v9.6 & v10 are  backwards compatible and information entered in one, will be available in the other.

What's the difference between the Beta Version and General Release?

What's the difference between the Beta Version and General Release? The beta version was the first release of the application version that we opened up to our customers for feedback in March. Since the beta release, we have made several improvements to the application based on user feedback and we released the general version on Monday, May 13th, 2019.

You can visit our Knowledge Center to view our v10 beta and general release notes that include the main changes that were made and the new enhanced features. 

How do I log in to v10?

Using a supported web browser you can visit https://app.collaboratemd.com and log in with your CMD credentials. It’s that easy!

What browsers are supported in v10?

CollaborateMD v10 Web application can be accessed using the latest stable versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Please see our minimum requirements for recommended hardware.

When will v9.6 no longer be available?

We will sunset v9.6 on Monday, July 22nd, 2019 which is why we highly suggest adopting v10 now.

If I still want to use v9.6 will CMD support software updates?

For v9.6 you need to have an updated version of Java installed on your computer (8 or higher). v10 removes the need for Java entirely so we will no longer support Java related issues including installation problems. 

v10 requires no downloads or manual updates, since it is accessed via a web browser any updates will be pushed and completed almost simultaneously with a click of a button.

Does v10 cost more than v9.6?

There is no cost associated with making the switch to v10!

Will there be any training offered for v10?

We will provide overview and "how-to" videos to help you navigate the new layout. There will be no formal implementation or training offered for v10.

Can I still use CMD2Go?

Yes, you can still use CMD2Go.

Is v10 secure?

Yes, Version 10 meets all compliance standards. Read more about CollaborateMD security and reliability safeguards here.

Will I continue to receive support if I have an issue or question in v9.6?

You will still receive support for v9.6 unless it is for Java or installation issues. Version 10 no longer requires Java to be installed on your computer and if you are having issues installing Java or have concerns based on Oracle's recent license changes we encourage you to upgrade.

V9.6 support and training resources will be available until it is decommissioned in Summer 2019.

Where can I submit feedback about v10?

We’re continuously working to improve the CMD experience and would love to hear from you! You can provide your feedback, suggestions, compliments or testimonials by selecting the Submit Feedback option from your User Profile in v10. 

Register and log in to IdeaExchange to share your ideas with others and vote on ideas you’d like to see implemented.

Why should I transition to v10?

Version 10 (v10) provides a host of added benefits and features. We’ve re-invented v10 to   streamline important, every-day tasks. There are fewer steps and tabs to open, plus increased functionality and batch action capabilities throughout. Read the Top 10 benefits of Version 10 and make the switch today!