v10 Beta Release Notes

Our v10 release notes provide a high-level description of our new enhanced features. It includes information on the main changes that were made to ensure that your workflows are simplified, so you can work less and get paid fast!

Claim Follow-Up

  • Tired of adding follow up notes one claim at a time? With v10, you can easily add a follow-up note to multiple claims at once, simplifying the process to help you work less and get paid fast! 

  • We included the ability to Copy a follow-up note to another claim(s) with our new “Copy to other Claims” button. This helps save time by reducing manual re-entry.

  • We love shortcuts because they help you work less. So we added an “Activity” button to the Claim Follow-Up Screen so you can easily see all patient activity.


Claim Status Control

  • We are always working to  limit the number of clicks needed to complete actions. So, we added a column to show you the claim review results directly in the search results. You can easily identify claims that need to be reviewed or errors that need to be fixed without toggling between screens for improved efficiency.

Admin Features

  • Have you ever accidentally closed a customer account? No reason to panic in v10, as we support the option to reopen and immediately Cancel a close customer request with a click of a button.

  • Now moving a user to another customer is quick and easy with the new “Move User to another Customer” option. This makes moving users a breeze whenever you accidentally create a user under the wrong account.

  • See an open balance on your account? You now have the ability to pay a specific invoice directly with a “Pay Now” shortcut button. Stay up-to-date and save time with our easy payment options. 

  • No one really likes tax season, so in order to make tax season a little easier, we add an Account Summary Report button. Now you can easily get a report of all invoices, payments, and credits for your account. 

  • User control is critical to your success.You now have more control as to who has the ability to edit a Patient, Payer, Code or Provider alert with all new permission in v10.

  • EXTRA EXTRA! v10 now helps you keep your staff or customer(s) up-to-date on news and announcements by posting announcements that are visible to your users on their Welcome screen based on default customer, user type, or contact group.


  • Searching for Documents just got a whole lot easier with the Advanced search capability. You can now filter your searches by date, creator, document size, and more. 

  • Deleting documents also got an upgrade in v10 with the ability to Batch delete documents. Delete multiple documents at once to clear up storage quickly, and stay organized.


  • Your users have more customized options with the addition of the User profile picture. Users can now add their own picture or an avatar picture to their profile.

  • Ever wish there was a recently opened field when switching customer accounts? Now there is! We added a recently opened customer list for when you want to switch between customers in v10. This feature allows you to toggle seamlessly between customers. You can even open a new customer account in a new tab, so you can effortlessly multi-task for productivity! 

  • If you’re managing multiple accounts, configuring settings for each of your customers can be time-consuming. We’ve added a “Copy settings to other customers” button to all of our settings pages to save you those extra steps, simplifying your daily workload.

  • Multi-select filters help you get the information you need faster. We added multi-select filters to all control/tracking/batch print search screens so you can get more done, in less time. 

  • Filters help you further define what you are looking for. We added new miscellaneous filters to the control, tracking, and batch print search screens so you can pinpoint the information that matters most to you.

  • We gave ourselves a task to add a create a task shortcut to various screens within v10 and it worked! Just so you know, we completed that task.


  • On the Reports side, this release includes the Recently ran report list. This will save you time when trying to find a commonly used report that you want to run again. Now, you’ll have commonly used reports and valuable insights at your fingertips = Ta-da! 

  • Minimize the time your staff has to filter through your reports. Add the reports you use the most to the Favorite reports pane for a specific customer, or for all customers.

  • You can be a professional chart builder too. Evaluate report data with charts and now add multiple charts of the same type to a report to show different trends. Data visualization 101! 

  • We are all about saving you as many clicks as possible. So we added a recently built/edited report list within the Report Builder so you can easily access important reports.

Payer Agreements

  • You can take-backsies in v10. You now have the ability to delete incomplete agreements you may have started by accident, or remove one agreement from an agreement bundle you created.  We agree, this makes agreement management easy!

  • We noticed that overlooking the special instructions was the major cause for denied agreements, so v10 includes a side panel that shows any special instructions no matter which step of the agreement process you are on. !


  • As you know, we are all about helping you work less, so we have added a way for you to view the status for any agreement your providers sent to a payer within that specific customer’s payer record.


  • The calendar isn’t only there to remind you of what day it is, you are now able to search for appointments directly from the calendar by typing in a patient’s name or comment.

  • Take advantage of a “sneak peek” with our Appointment preview pop up that’s available when using the scheduler.  

AR Control

  • Have more control managing your patient Account Receivables (A/R). You can now use the  “Send Statement” and “Add a Debit” option for multiple patients at once. Feel the power!

Batch Eligibility

  • Did you ever wonder what the last eligibility status was for a patient while running batch eligibility? We thought you might have, so we have added a column showing the last eligibility status. Quickly verify your patient's’ insurance eligibility and catch situations before they result in denied claims. 


  • A small, but powerful update from v10 is the option to move DX code to the primary diagnostic reason. It’s the little things that mean the most.

  • One of v10’s greatest improvements is how you can see exactly what loop/segment or box the fields under the additional info tab will populate to. Forget about entering the wrong information in the wrong box, we will guide you on the path of success. 

  • v10 now gives you the option to post patient payments within an existing claim

  • We have taken the guesswork out of why a claim is marked as incomplete. v10 now tells you exactly what information needs to be filled in for the claim to be marked as completed.

  • A new claim review report unlocks the full power of CMD. We've Combined Real-Time Claim Submission(RTCS), Claim Analysis, and Code Scrubbing into a single report so you can maximize the potential for you to be paid correctly on the first submission. Work Less, and still get Paid Fast!

Statement Tracking

  • Statement Tracker has been upgraded, by including Plain text user printed statements in your search results. Please note that you are not able to view the statements from this screen…. stay tuned as our developers are working on this enhancement.

Statement Configuration

  • You have asked, and we have listened. Configure your statements in REAL TIME with the new statement configuration page. No more guessing what the statement is going to look like. You get what you see,; it’s pretty, and pretty awesome!

Payment Tracking

  • We added a payment breakdown for payment plans so payment tracking is a breeze. We'll assist you in making sure your payment workflows are simple and efficient.

Payment Plans

  • As a convenience to you and your patients, we've added the ability to print a statement for a specific payment plan. Have you ever wanted to know how many statements have been sent out or how many payments have been posted to a patient's payment plan? v10 gives you shortcuts to track statement history and payment history for specific payment plans.

Label Batch Print

  • Label batch print now shows you the patients that fit your search criteria before you print the labels, giving you more control on the labels you actually want to print.

Label Configuration

  • The label preview button now shows you exactly what your label looks like based on your options and configurations. You can easily identify if you want to make any changes, and edit on the go!

Manage Account

  • To save you time, we added the ability to refund multiple credits to a patient’s account, as opposed to individually. Productivity at its best!


  • Improve your workflow with multitasking features in the Patient Section. In v10 you can now open multiple patient records at once. It’s about time!

  • A new Eligibility button makes it easier than ever to check eligibility or view past reports to make sure your claims aren’t getting denied. 

  • Don’t rack your brain trying to understand why a patient is still marked as incomplete. In v10, we tell you exactly what information is causing the patient to be incomplete.

  • The Verify Address link in the patient's section double-checks your work, and ensures the address you entered matches a valid address in the USPS database. You don't have to risk a denied claim, due to a simple address error. We got you protected. 

  • Save even more time in v10 with our handy new shortcuts we added to the patient section. Create claim, create appointment, post payment and more with just the simple click of a button.

  • The Patient Activity will allow you to view summarized or detailed claim breakdowns. This screen is a great resource to look at claims, dates, totals, balances and current claim statuses at another level.

View Payment

  • v10 introduces View Payments in its own screen. You can now view details of previously posted patient payments and insurance payments using the Payment Only button, including information on how the payment was applied.