The basics of Integrated Payment Processing

This CollaborateMD Integrated Payment Processing Getting Started Guide should be referenced to enable, configure, process payments and disable one or more of the services included with Integrated Payment Processing.  Integrated Payment Processing includes the two optional services below: 

  • Credit Card Processing: Credit card processing can be used within the Payment and Scheduler sections to optimize payment collections without disturbing your normal workflow.  Easily swipe or take payments over the phone with just a few clicks! 

  • Payment Portal: The Payment Portal is a secure website your patients can access to make online payments, view visit and payment history, as well as print receipts and statements.  Offer your patients more control of their payments and reduce A/R days, resulting in lowered collection costs. From the My Bill tab within the Portal, patients can make payments towards charges set to balance “Due Patient” only. Payments posted on the portal will be applied towards the oldest to the newest charge within CollaborateMD.  In addition, patients can view their entire claim history (similar to the Activity tab) within the View History tab of the Portal. Click here to learn more about the patients view.Patients will register at

Using the Patient Payment Portal is optional. You do not have to enable this functionality in order to use credit card processing.  However, you must be approved for a merchant account in order to take advantage of the benefits of the Payment Portal.