Start an Agreement Currently on File with Change Healthcare

Follow the steps below to start an agreement that has not been started, but is on file with Change Healthcare. 

Filling out agreements within CollaborateMD allows you to submit agreements for multiple payers and/or electronic products  (e.g., claims, remittance, and eligibility) at once.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Payer Agreements.
  2. Click the  icon to pull up the list of all providers in your account to select the Provider you want to fill out an agreement for.

  3. Select which NPI (Provider, Practice, or Custom) should be used for this agreement.

  4. Specify who we can contact about the agreements (Responsible Party Contact Information).

  5. Click.

  6. Enter your Search Criteria.

    1.  Check the Do not include already completed products box to filter agreements based on if you have already completed them.   

    2. Check the Only include payers with an agreement on file with Change Healthcare box to only include agreements on file with CHC.

  7. Click Search.

  8. Use the Search for Agreements search bar to further drill down your results. 

  9. Place a check in the box(es) for the agreement(s) you would like to fill out.

    You are able to select as many agreements as you would like to fill out at once.

  10. Click.

  11. Depending on the payer agreements you select, you may be asked to enter a special payer ID number, (PTAN, BCBS #,etc) that will be included within the agreement.

  12. Click.

  13. Sign and Complete the agreements:

    1. If the Agreement requires an electronic signature, you will be prompted to capture your signature and apply it to the agreement.

      Save time and apply your signature to multiple agreements at once by clicking the  icon.

    2. Click

  14. Click the Review Form button to verify the entered information is correct.

    Some payers require the agreement to be mailed to them with an original signature. Review the enrollment instructions for the address.

  15. Click Finish.

    Reference your Payer Agreement Cover Page for estimated approval turnaround time. The special instructions need to be completed along with the agreement to ensure the agreement is approved by the payer.