Save Report Snapshots

Follow the steps below to save a report snapshot. 

  1. Select Reports > Viewer.

  2. Locate the Report you want to save.

  3. Enter your filter criteria.

  4. Click Run Report.

    Reference the Running Reports Help Article to learn how to run reports.

  5. Slick the button .

  6. Add a Title and any Notes that describes the report.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click OK to acknowledge that you understand that report snapshots are available for 90 days from the time that they are saved, followed by the expiration date. 

Once the report expires, it will no longer be available to you or any users it is shared with. You are unable to re-activate the report. If you wish to extend the saved report beyond 90 days, we recommend exporting the report into Excel, CSV, or Text.